Mental Health Matters

Executive Summary, 2018 Larimer County Community Plan for Behavioral Health

Full Plan, 2018 Larimer County Community Plan for Behavioral Health

Larimer County is experiencing unprecedented growth in mental health crises. Suicide has doubled in Larimer County since 2009, and we continue to have among the highest suicide rates in the nation. In 2016, eighty-three (83) Larimer County residents took their own lives. Sadly, the current mental health system in Larimer County, while it does provide some high quality treatment and services, does not meet the demand of people in need.

In November 2016, a failed ballot measure to fund mental health services brought to light a critical community call to action: more knowledge and County-wide involvement surrounding local mental health services are needed to develop local solutions to this growing community challenge.


Every year, mental health issues affect one in five Larimer County residents. Larimer County residents deserve access to basic mental health care services.


The challenge is larger than any single municipality. From Estes Park to Berthoud, from Wellington to Loveland, County leadership will bring together these local municipalities, community services, policy makers, health care providers, judges and court officers, treatment professionals, law enforcement, and residents to build comprehensive community-based services that are cost-effective. The Larimer County Board of Commissioners are committed to address the mental health needs of our community and we continue to gather your feedback, assess our resources, and move forward: Mental Health Matters.


Over the next months, as Larimer County Behavioral Health Project Director, I will focus on the essential partnerships and community collaboration needed to strengthen and expand our vision for integrated mental health services.


These partnerships and dedicated strategic planning is an investment in a future integrated continuum of mental health care and will inform potential plans for a regional mental health facility. I look forward to sharing our progress. Please feel free to contact me at Thank you for making a difference in our community!


Laurie Stolen

Laurie Stolen, MS, CPSP, CSPS

Behavioral Health Project Director

Behavioral Health Initiative

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